About Glusburn

Glusburn is a village of around 4,000 inhabitants, situated on the edge of the Yorkshire Dales. It is part of the Craven District of North Yorkshire. Glusburn is the name of the old parish but the newer part of the village, is known as Cross Hills.

This web site has been created to record the life of our village as we begin the twenty first century. It has contributions from many organisations and people within the local area and attempts to provide a guide to Glusburn & Cross Hills as the community is today. It is hoped that this website will provide a starting point for developments in the future.

Today many of the people living in the area, work in the cities and towns of West Yorkshire and East Lancashire. There are a number of businesses in the village, the largest TransTechnology Ltd. employs just under 400 people. There are a few farms still surviving in the parish, mainly producing sheep, beef and dairy cattle