We Love Our Hard Top Gazebo – Here’s Why

Blake Waterson/ March 3, 2017/ Blog/ 0 comments

The hard top gazebo trend continues to rise. Everybody seems to want one with a proper gazebo canopy. We bought one last summer, and what a brilliant buy it turned out to be. We adore our hardtop gazebo. Here’s why.

hardtop gazebo

Why Our Hardtop Gazebo Has Proved A Brilliant Buy

Our outdoor hardtop gazebo has fast become the focus of months of summer fun, and is a great entertainment space through bad weather too. The only time of year we use ours less is the depths of winter, but a chiminea helps us warm the space nicely and unless the weather is totally rubbish, it’s still a great place to be. As hardy folk say, “there’s no such thing as bad weather, just the wrong clothing”!

The best thing about our screened gazebo is the fact that the roof-style top is permanent, built to last. There’s no faffing around taking the top on and off like you get with soft top versions, or those that don’t actually have a top as such, just a series of horizontals over which you can grow climbing plants. They look great, of course, but they’re much less versatile.

A small gazebo or large monster one can come in all sorts of shapes. The many-sided designs are very beautiful, offering a lot more visual interest than a simple square. Buy one with generous eaves and it’ll offer even more shelter against the elements.

You can buy a special screened in gazebo or, to save money and make your unique, you can buy fabric and make your own screens, rather like an enormous four poster bed. Voile is lovely, a thin, delicate yet durable fabric that comes either plain white or cream, patterned or coloured. The floaty look it gives what is otherwise a bulky, box-like structure is beautiful as well as practical, offering plenty of privacy as well as protection from sneaky breezes.

6 Top Uses for Your Garden Gazebo

We have embellished our good-looking wooden gazebo with fabrics, filled it with cushions and soft furnishings, added an oudoor dining set and even a book case. Most of it goes back indoors to be stored in winter, when we use it less frequently. It’s so much better than one of those cheap patio gazebo things made from plastic and aluminium. Here are just some of the events we’ve enjoyed outdoors thanks to it’s comfort and shelter:

  1. A place for young guests to sleep out overnight, almost under the stars but not quite, a proper adventure for kids on a warm summer night
  2. A place for adults to party, away from prying eyes. If your garden isn’t all that private, a hard top gazebo will make it so
  3. A fabulous venue for a dinner party, complete with alfesco food cooked on our big cast iron chiminea, which is placed safely on a chiminea mat so it doesn’t set the place on fire!
  4. Somewhere to do potting-on and seed sowing out of the sun and wind
  5. A place to read and relax in the evenings – you can even transform yours into a tropical bar serving cocktails and snacks
  6. We actually know someone who decorated their hardtop gazebo to perfection and used it as their own mini-wedding venue. It looked awesome

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